One Wrong Demographic Setting Can Ruin Success Of Facebook Ad

Facebook is a beast of a paid social advertising platform. Those who don’t respect understand the power will be hurt by it. With the success that the platform can bring, it can also be a money pit if you don’t know how to properly harness your target demographic.

Clicking one demographic segment flipped the success of a paid social ad

An event promotion company was kicking off a summer patio party. They used an ad target set that was a little outside of their normal fan base. The event company normally targets the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) community. This being an outdoor patio at a restaurant, the ad set was adjusted to reflect the location, cliental, and time of day.

The result was an increase in event post engagement, organic shares, and actual attendance of event. This also increased brand awareness to a new audience. The following week the demographic was adjusted by only selecting one additional demographic breakdown. The addition of one segment flipped the success of the paid social ad. There was a decrease in attendance, engagement and organic shares. The adjusted ad set fit more inline with the brand’s regular fan base, but not for the event that was being promoted.

Demographics To Ad Sets Are Key

Just one additional additional demographic adjustment can completely shift the return of your investment of paid social advertising. There are few tips to make sure you set-up your ad audience:

  • Know the demographic

Understand that it takes time, persistence, and testing to key into the right audience for your events. Once you figure out the right audience for you ad, it can produce the right return on your investment

  • Know the message

It is often assumed that just by having a great visual is enough for success of a paid social ad. The visual is key, but what is the message. Is that message clear to your audience, and is it dynamic enough to grab peoples attention. The end result is a click, form submission, or purchase. Is your message leading them there?

  • Know the visual

The visual is equally important in the success of your advertising. Is the visual asset for your audience relatable? Nothing should be confusing for your viewer. If your message and ad going to a specific audience, they better see themselves in the ad. Don’t talk about a summer party for families, and the images are of young adults drinking and partying. Probably is not the best way to tell families that the event is good for their family.

All three of these things play a part together to build your ad for success. The cornerstone is understanding your audience. The lack of tailoring an ad to your audience can make or break your return of investment.

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