What If Pinterest Did Advertising

Don’t pretend like I have not seen some of those Pinterest fails. You want to update the look of your favorite room? Check out the unrealistic possibilities from Pinterest. Your kid is having a party? Go ahead and try to make that cute treat off Pinterest. Pinterest still wins, and you will keep going back. Why? Because they made you believe you can. That is why Pinterest is so good.

The Pinterest blog announced on Tuesday, that they were launching their first Ad campaign called: “What If”. I love it. Mac Huynh wrote on the blog,

Our What if campaign focuses on vulnerable moments people face in their lives, from everyday to epic, when they’re just about to take a risk. The stakes can feel high any time you try something new, whether you’re wearing bold lipstick, ditching the conventional wedding or breaking free from gender norms. We want to show the transformative power of reimagining risks as possibilities.

I think it is great when social channels step up and realize the importance of selling itself. Just because you are a social channel doesn’t mean you will be around forever. You have to keep your users engaged and dedicated to the platform. Once you start messing up a good thing, people will jump to the next. People like to know that if they devote time, energy and money into creating content that there will be a platform to support it.

That being said, no platform stays around forever. Everything has a life cycle. You want to make sure that at the end of the day, you still have your content to take to the next platform if you need to. Diversify your investment. That’s what the investment world says, at least I think it does. I am not in the financial sector.

You have to appreciate good advertising. As Digital marketers, we have to make sure that we are not half ass-ing it for our clients.

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