The Best Collaborations of 2017 is the iPad Pro and iOS 11

I was on my old 2012 MacBook Pro, that I bought from a friend, casually sitting at my desk streaming the WWDC 2017. It was on one of my screens, but most of my work was being powered from the old MacBook Pro. I ignored half of WWDC but I came back to my desk and put in my earbuds. Yes. I put in my earbuds, because I am impatient and don’t want to wait 6 weeks for the AirPods to ship. I was trying to write an end of month report, when they started showing a video. You can catch the video at the bottom of the post, but the video isn’t the point. Apple presented the new iPad Pro and myself and the other marketer peeked around our work monitors and grinned big time. The time has come.

The point is I think I might break down and justify the need for an iPad Pro. It is just getting to powerful not too. Don’t get me wrong, I never thought I would be one of those guys using one of those tiny little devices, but I look at it as more of a really bad ass and breakable notebook. An expensive notebook, but you know what I am saying. It was only when I saw the capabilities of the iPad Pro running the soon to be released iOS 11, that I got nerd excited. I got excited for 3 features:

Top 3 features

1. Customizable iPad Pro Deck

The customizable deck is huge. It really is a game changer in determining my need for an iPad Pro. Now created folders (see number 2), most used apps, and tools are all customizable and accessible with the swipe of a finger. Often times multiple apps are used in creating content for a brand, client or event. The ease of switching between apps increases the efficiency and quickness to get content distributed.

2. iOS 11 Files App

Two words: FILES & APP. The new iOS 11 will include a new app to create files to help keep your content organized. It was presented that the Files App would be able to support cloud based organization like Dropbox. I would like to think that I would somewhat be organized with the files, but no one wants to see how my current files are organized, but it would help for my clients.

3. Multi-Touch Drag and Drop

Moving images, links and content across multiple channels is paramount in workflow for content creators, digital marketers, and creators. The ease of moving this content is paramount for creation, execution, and making those clients happy.

So now I sit and ponder, when and how I am going to fund a new iPad Pro with new full size keyboard and Apple Pencil.

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